Sister looking out at the ocean

"Come after me and I will make you fishers of People"
Matthew 4:19
Postulants, Novices and newly professed Sister at the Novitiate, 2006
Sister Mercedes and Sister Patricia, newly professed Sisters, September 8, 2003.
Novices and Postulants enjoying time to make music together.

Corpus Christi Carmelites
Are you being called?

A Corpus Christi Carmelite... Seeks to be the living reflection of Jesus Christ in all whom she serves. Her life is spent in the service of God through the profession of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. She will be distinguished by a very great simplicity in her spiritual life. This simplicity will flow from a grasp and understanding that she is a little child in the arms of her beloved father, God, who knows all things, and who loves her with an infinite love. Nothing can happen to her without the knowledge and permission of God. therefore, all that happens to her is according to his holy will to which she abandons herself lovingly and without any reserve. If God sends success, approbation, plenty: she receives all with love and gratitude. If God sends failure, disapproval, humiliation, poverty; these are equally welcome; they are God's holy will.

Entrance Requirements

Minimally, we require that our aspirants have good physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We do not have an age requirement as such, but do prefer that candidates for the postulancy have some education at college level and satisfactory work experience.


Our aspirancy program is a time of discernment. Women may come and visit our Carmels to see up close what our life is all about. It is recommended that an aspirant spend up to a year making a decision and getting to know the Congregation, including visits to our convents and corresponding with our Vocational Sisters.


Postulants spend from one to two years living in community with the Sisters and beginning their spiritual training. Generally, the postulant remains in the region where she first enters and engages in the work of the community wherever possible, but a portion of this time may also be spent in the Motherhouse in Trinidad and Tobago.


The Novitiate lasts for two years and is spent entirely at the Motherhouse in Trinidad and Tobago. The first year, which is the canonical year, is devoted to spiritual learning and novices do not engage in apostolic work. During the second year, novices once again assist in the work of the community. Education, experience and inclination are considered in assigning work for the prospective Sister, but she is encouraged to try different types of work to see where she is most suited.

Junior Profession

Junior profession lasts from three to five years, during which time the Sister renews her temporary vows on an annual basis. Also during this time, Sisters receive the vocational training or education they will require to perform their apostolic duties. Spiritual formation is ongoing. Final Profession

Final profession does not mark the end of the formation period of our Sisters, but rather the beginning. From postulancy to final profession, our formation as Corpus Christi Sisters lasts a lifetime and requires hard work, perseverance, and much prayer!

If you are interested in learning more about our Congregation or Religious Life, please contact the convent nearest you (contacts will be found by clicking on the 'Congregation' Page and looking for the convent nearest you, or contact our Generalate/Novitiate:

Mount Carmel Generalate and Novitiate
St. John Rad
Trinidad and Tobago, WI
Tel. No. 1-868-662-5149 (Gen)
Tel. No. 1-868-663-1726 (Nov)
Email address octgeorge@hotmail.com

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